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BY: Ryan Sher / January 20, 2017
Video Subrosa/ Shadow Backyard Edit

During the Sparkys Jam last fall Subrosa and The SHadow Conspiracy brought a bunch of the team in to ride, meet, and party with the local crew out in Florida. Ride Magazine came out to document the jam as well and we all ended up at Trey Jones’ house for a heavy session. This is one session with the squad.

“Trey Jones’ backyard is slowly becoming a piece of BMX folklore akin to Beringer’s yard, the old Little Devil bowl, or the T-1 ramp. For how small it is, it offers so so much.. While in town for the annual Sparky’s Jam, member of the Shadow and Subrosa squad got in a full day of great times and high-level bicycle riding.

Featuring Trey Jones, Simone Barraco, Matt Ray, Johnny Atencio, Lahssan Kobza, Mark Burnett, Kyle Hart, Jabe Jones, & Keandre Lindo in Trey’s backyard paradise.”Ride BMX