ZINE / Subrosa Pandora on eBay.

BY: Ryan Sher / January 7, 2010
Zine Subrosa Pandora on eBay.


So, a little while ago I got a new bike. I didn’t need a new bike, I just wanted one, I can do that. I then hooked my friend Boyd up with my old one, since it was pretty new itself. Fast forward to now, and Boyd is Brand Manger of Sputnic. He obviously got a new bike, so we decided to give the Pandora to the Casselberry locals to sell on eBay to get money for the trails. They need to buy clay because everything here in Florida is made of sand, even the palm trees. So this is a good way to help out a scene and get a really good deal on a complete Subrosa Pandora. Check out more photos and specs below, and go buy the bike HERE.