ZINE / Subrosa in Michigan!

BY: Ryan Sher / August 4, 2012
Zine Subrosa in Michigan!

Nick with a Luc-E to Tooth

Michigan is the shit! This place is tons of fun to ride, and is filled with some really cool people! Nothing but riding and good times so far on our trip around The Great Lake State. We’ve got a good crew consisting of Michigan native and newest Skeleton Crew member Nick Bullen, Australia’s sole Subrosa representative Raph Jeroma- Williams and Subrosa pro Scott Ditchburn from the U.K. The spots have been plenty, and the moves have been banger! Yesterday the crew even dropped some “Never Been Done’s” on a rail set up that could’ve only been built to ride. Check out the photos below, and a huge thanks to Luke and the Lansing crew for the backyard session and floor space to crash. Peep some of the photos so far, and come out to Albe’s BMX this afternoon for the Subrosa “Support Your Local Shop” Tour.