ZINE / Subrosa in BCN: Update 3 by Rich Forne

BY: Ryan Sher / October 16, 2012
Zine Subrosa in BCN: Update 3 by Rich Forne

So our Bacelona trip has come to an end. Super fun trip, and an awesome time getting to know some of our newer riders. Rich Forne, one of our newest additions is a very talented person. From video filming and editing, to riding, and shooting photos. I was thinking about it on my flight home from Barcelona. I now compare him to Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Off his bike he’s a calm, quiet, respectable young man. On his bike he’s an absolute beast, riding with a burly animal like style, very mean and intense. I witnessed him do one of the craziest wallrides, pull it, and then do it a few more times so it looked and felt perfect. After a brutal slam, including possible broken ribs, continued to ride the remainder of the day and even ride another wild set up! Really psyched to have Rich apart of Subrosa. Here’s some of the photos he took along our trip to Barcelona. Enjoy.

Subrosa in BCN: Update 2
Subrosa in BCN: Update 1