ZINE / Subrosa in BCN: Update 2

BY: Ryan Sher / October 11, 2012
Zine Subrosa in BCN: Update 2

I can’t say it enough, but Barcelona has the most spots out of anywhere. You hit 5 spots on the way to every spot. The crew is having a blast. Hit up the sea walls again and found an wake boarding ledge on dry land that was totally ridable. The crazy thing was that a guy was fixing them and he didn’t even care we were riding them. Covered in some sort of plastic they made for a perfect ledge set up. The food here is great, the people here are great, such a cool place. We’re heading out in a few, so check back in soon. Scott headed home yesterday to handle some important business, so our thoughts are with him and his family. See ya soon bud!