ZINE / Subrosa in BCN: Update 1

BY: Ryan Sher / October 9, 2012
Zine Subrosa in BCN: Update 1

Subrosa riders Scott Ditchburn, Lahsaan Kobza, Simone Barraco, Rich Forne and Joris Coulomb are out in Barcelona, Spain for the week, filming for G.U.T.I., and shooting some stuff for upcoming Subrosa catalogs. BCN is insane! You seriously can’t stop at every spot because there is honestly too much to ride. Just within a mile of our apartment is some of the best spots I’ve seen in a long time. Not to mention all the famous ones. Everyone showed up from all over the world Sunday and yesterday including special guest Darryl Nau! BMX is so rad that you can just run into longtime friends on the other side of the world. We’re about to head out for the day, so check out a few photos, and stay tuned for more updates!