ZINE / Subrosa Dream Build!

BY: Ryan Sher / February 5, 2021
Zine Subrosa Dream Build!

Indroducing the Subrosa Dream Build. Periodically we’re going to building up some complete out of our favorite Subrosa parts. Here’s the first one, and it’s available for sale!

For the first version of our Subrosa Dream Builds we wanted to feature Mark Burnett and his signature products.

We recently launched his Subrosa Griffin Frame in Periwinkle Blue so we started out with that and wrapped it with Mark’s signature Odin Forks and Cranks from The Shadow Conspiracy.

This Dream Build is topped off with the newest parts from Subrosa including the Thrashed Seat, Barcelona Sprocket, and Designer Tires.

We’re planning on offering more of these, but due to low inventory there is only 1 available on our Webstore.

Check out all the detailed pics here.