ZINE / Subrosa “Clean South” Tour Day 5

BY: Ryan Sher / May 1, 2012
Zine Subrosa “Clean South” Tour Day 5

The “Clean South” Tour has come to an end. Hoang and Kyle flew home to S.D. today, and I had to return the Suburban. Pretty awesome trip for being on the short side. We squeezed in a ton of spots, and clocked a ton of footage. The crew had a blast and it was good to get most of the dudes back together. It was also Simone’s first official team trip. Such a good time!

Check out more photos below.

^ Simone with a no hander over a hip in Baton Rouge.

^ Broc Raiford was awesome enough to meet up and show us around. Tour guide tire grab.

^ Simone has some of the most technical riding out right now, but this is to show you style matters!

^Lahsaan Kobza with a nose bonk to big drop. Cops cut this session short, but this was rad!