ZINE / Subrosa “Clean South” Tour Day 4

BY: Ryan Sher / April 27, 2012
Zine Subrosa “Clean South” Tour Day 4

New Orleans is awesome! Day 4 was one for the record books. The crew mostly rode one spot (famous rail set up) for the entire day and clocked some heavy heavy clips. Hoang got to work quick on the rails and nailed both tricks on his mind followed by Kyle, Lahsaan and Simone who got down on both set ups. Such a good feeling to ride a famous spot, and have cops roll up to watch. Everyone went in hard at this spot, and I’m so psyched on the hard work the dudes put in crash after crash. The payoff is worth it!

Check out more pics below…

^ Hoang gets behind the lens after puttin the hurt on the set up.

^ The crew checks out Simone’s mind blowin line…

^ Hoang going down hard working on a clip.

^ Lahsaan helps Simone up off the ground just before SImone got the line done!

^ There’s a super fun ditch next to the rail spot. Kyle Hart blasts further than anyone can jump out of it.