ZINE / Subrosa “Clean South” Tour: Day 2

BY: Ryan Sher / April 25, 2012
Zine Subrosa “Clean South” Tour: Day 2

Day 2 of the Clean South Tour was a great one! We started off in Tallahassee and cruised a few different campuses. Kyle started the day off with a banger of a clip involving a roof, a boof, a security gaurd in a golf cart, me breaking my iPhone screen and Lahsaan filming it perfectly. GOOD MORNING! We’re in Alabama for today, so stay posted up around our Facebook , Instagram, and Twitter to keep up! I strapped on the Ollo Clip to the phone and snapped a ton of shots. Check out the photos of the crew after the jump…

^ Loading up the bikes to get it in for the day!

^ Lahsaan warmin up with a manny gap nose…

^ Simone working on his kickflips!

^ Kyle Hart no hands on the whip…

^Lahsaan gap to double peg.

^Spots getting shut down and tagged.

^ Simone with a nose bonk to bar. The iPhone shots are on point with the fisheye!