ZINE / Subrosa Christmas Stocking!

BY: Ryan Sher / December 16, 2013
Zine Subrosa Christmas Stocking!

Subrosa Christmas Stocking
Whether you can’t decide what to pick up for someone for X-mas, or you’re simply worried your stocking is going to be full of coal, Subrosa has you covered! Check this deal out! You get an X-mas stocking filled with:
1 “Get Used To It” DVD
1 pair of Subrosa “Party” Socks
1 pair of Subrosa “Party” Shades
1 Venom Denim Pin Set
1 Subrosa “Stacked” patch
Assorted Subrosa Stickers
Double sided Subrosa poster
Subrosa Catalog
Not bad for the low price of $58.94 $29.99! Hit up your local shop, or mail order, or pick one up today on The Subrosa Corner Store