ZINE / Subrosa at Kings Rideshop.

BY: Ryan Sher / January 11, 2012
Zine Subrosa at Kings Rideshop.

Last weekend some of the Subrosa guys teamed up the The Shadow Conspiracy and hit up Kings Rideshop for a day of BMX, pizza, and BMX. Yes, BMX twice. We met up at the shop for the usual sihn posters, and hang with the riders. It’s so rad when a shop actually has a scene built up around it, and Kings has done just that. Neatly tucked away in the California desert this shop has supported a huge scene for quit some time now. Good times for sure, thanks to Kings Rideshop, and no thanks to the police in Palm Desert. Check out a ton of photos from the day below…

^ After getting kicked out of the skatepark we had some old fashion races for some Subrosa and Shadow goods. This was the uphill t-shirt race.

^ Nice dive into home plate for a Subrosa T, just before getting trampled by the pack!

^”Bring me K.C. Badger’s hat and get a free Shadow shirt” K.C. in the white T and shades running for his life!

^ The product toss is always my favorite! Seems like the kids love it too.

^ A photo of Hoang Tran with a photo of Hoang Tran in it. Mind freak.

^ An awesome turn out for the grind ledge jam. James saved the day with these, Thanks!

^ Hoang just letting go.

^ Kings Rideshop local with a Bunsen Burner up the ledge. this dude also had the raddest Bar Spins.

^ This was right about the same time we were all having too much fun. The cops must’ve sensed the good times from a distance and jumped into action.

ME: “Is there somewhere else we can ride with these kids?”

COP: “Not in my town.”

^ Kyle Hart and Hoang Tran are Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarznegger in Twins.

^ Lahsaan and Subrosa fan number 100,329,694. GUTI.