ZINE / Subrosa and Cranx Sports Park

BY: Ryan Sher / July 27, 2012
Zine Subrosa and Cranx Sports Park

The dudes over at Cranx Sports Park in Syracuse, NY had a vision. Simply to make a park for BMX and Mountain Bikes that was different from anything out there. They succeeded and Subrosa is psyched to help out with this place! We sponsored one of the box jumps, and also supplied some Subrosa complete bikes for their rental fleet! That’s right, you don’t even need to own a bike to shred this place! The park is so insane i can’t even explain how many ramps, berms and obstacles they’ve built. Check out the video interview with Dale about the park and get a peak at the enormous size of the place. Hit the photos below for some Subrosa completes, and shots of Will boosting the Subrosa box. Thanks to Korey Kryder and Casey Blair for the photos!