ZINE / Subrosa • Front Magazine • Hoang Tran

BY: Ryan Sher / April 20, 2010
Zine Subrosa • Front Magazine • Hoang Tran

Babes, cars, funny stuff, good photo shoots, music, skate, art, clothes, booze  and bikes, are pretty much everything I’d want in a magazine. Well Front Magazine has you covered, and the girls uncovered. Hoang is rolling hard in the newest issuse (May 2010) with a 2 page Subrosa ad. This mag rocks, and I’m psyched to get in there. Look out for some interesting Subrosa and Front stuff in the future. Here’s a link to there site, but it’s not safe for work, but nothing that you’re looking at is. Check out some safe pictures, and Hoang’s ad after the jump, and then go check out goodies at Front Army.

(Click Hoang to enlarge photo)