ZINE / Sparky’s Distribution BBQ.

BY: Ryan Sher / April 5, 2012
Zine Sparky’s Distribution BBQ.

Tuesday we decided to shut down Sparky’s Distribution early and have a BBQ, and break in the new Shadow Conspiracy grind box. Such a good idea! Hahaha, we invited a few more friends and had an awesome time. J-Rich and I even fixed our basketball hoop with a new backboard. Continue below to see the rest of the photos from Chip Riggs, J-Rich and Mike Cottle.

^ Old Crow smith grind.

^ Trey Jonesucks hops through the metal meter!

^ New backboard that Shaq couldn’t even bring down. Bring it Kink team!

^Pano shot by J.Rich (Click to see it large)

^ Lars with a 180 bars…

^ Billy from the warehouse with a Feeble up to 1 foot tooth down! So sick!

^Power tools and beer create an awesome backboard!

^Kyle Painter with a double tire to turndown! Photo by Chip Riggs

^ Feeble up to Hard 180, shot by Mike Cottle.