ZINE / Soulcycle Porto Trip

BY: Ryan Sher / May 11, 2018
Zine Soulcycle Porto Trip

The homies at Soulcycle teamed up with Sony to do a trip to Porto and document it using their newest Sony Action cam. Subrosa rider Emile Bouwman and the homie Tristan Van Den Berg were on the trip shredding! Check it out!

“The Soulcycle crew went to Porto to shoot a video in association with @SonyXperiaNL.
In those 10 days of riding BMX, exploring the city and having fun with the new Sony Xperia XZ2 phones, Tom Lammerse made this sick video of the trip. Watch the edit and get stoked on BMX and this amazing city!

Riders: Joeri Veul – Jorn Tuijnman – Anne Hofsink – Emile Bouwman – Tristan van den berg – Sem Kok

BIG thanks to Soulcycle BMX Shop, Koen de Groot, Sony, @SonyXperiaNL and the awesome locals for supporting this project!

IG Soulcycle: @Soulcyclebmx

IG Sony Xperia: @SonyXperiaNL”Soulcycle