ZINE / Slayer Tom and the Worlds gap.

BY: Ryan Sher / September 6, 2012
Zine Slayer Tom and the Worlds gap.

Skeleton Crew rider Slayer Tom sent me over this a while ago, and I posted it into wordpress, but I saved it instead of publishing it, so it was never seen on the site. Better late than never! Tom send probably the biggest gap of the contest (photo above). Here’s a few pics from Tom, and a few words from him.

“OOOI mates! Been more than a week now since the Worlds went down, but I can tell you it was a blaaast. Went there with my girl and a few Frankfurt homies. I wasn’t even gonna ride the contest, just have a massive chill on the Rhine River and watch people go nuts on their bikes. But then Billy a friend who was in the Worlds Organization team asked me if I wanted to ride the comp, so I went for it. The whole weekend it just wouldn’t stop raining but somehow pro street went down in a straight final. And yeah one kid from Frankfurt, NS is his nickname, told me I should jump that gap so I went for it. FUCK THE WORLDS!”- Slayer Tom