ZINE / Simone Barraco Power Month!

BY: Ryan Sher / February 8, 2012
Zine Simone Barraco Power Month!

Simone Barraco is the newest edition to the Subrosa pro team. He has been on the Skeleton Crew for a while, and it was obvious to us that it was time for the bump. With the bump up to pro, he got to come out to the U.S. for a month in the fall of last year. He was only here for a month because of his busy schedule, but in that month he crammed in soo much coverage! we’re talking six web edits, a Shadow Conspiracy roadtrip, a Subrosa print ad and more. We wanted to post all of this content in one place so you can see all the amazing stuff he accomplished in such a short time. Simone is one of the most talented bike riders I’ve seen, so take a minute and soak up this coverage and video post of Simone’s work below.