ZINE / Seamus and the Nose Bonk

BY: Ryan Sher / February 8, 2011
Skeleton Crew Seamus and the Nose Bonk

Seamus is a G. He has a pretty unconventional style of riding, and by that I mean awesome! He looks at every set up differently than most. This spot was no different. It’s a famous spot that has seen all kinds of moves on it. Niki Croft whipped over the rail, Johnny Devlin 3’d over it, Miles 3 E.T.’d over, and Sean Sexton has trucked it to name a few. Seamus doesn’t mind though, because he’s looking at the spot totally different. When he tells us that he wants to Gap to Nose Bonk, we were psyched cause he we new he had it. A few tries later with the team wildn’ out to cheer him on, he smashed his front wheel down on the rail with pure steeze. Here’s a few more photos of the action.