ZINE / Scotty and crew teach you how to buy a BMX bike!

BY: Ryan Sher / October 11, 2018
Video Scotty and crew teach you how to buy a BMX bike!

Scotty Cranmer and crew just dropped a new video to teach you what to look for when buying a complete bike. This is more of an informative video than an action video, but if you’re in the market to shop for a bike, use it as a tool to find the bike for you. Shoutout to that Subrosa Wildchild build at the end! Watch now.

“This is the guide of how to buy a BMX bike! In this video we take you around my bike shop and show you all of our BMX bikes and we go over everything that you would need to know about buying beginner bikes and even custom bikes that can cost $1,000. We also talk about the different sizes of the bikes and which sized rider should be on which sized bikes! We love BMX and we want to help everyone learn how to buy the bike of their dreams!” – Scotty Cranmer