ZINE / Scott Ditchburn

BY: Ryan Sher / July 8, 2010
Zine Scott Ditchburn

I was so excited to get to work today that I actually went in almost 30 minutes early! For those who know me, you’ll know that’s an impressive number for me. What’s the special occasion you ask? Well look no further than the top of our website. I watched Scott’s “Welcome to the pro team” Shr-edit, and I couldn’t stop. I watched it probably 10 times last night. I couldn’t wait to get it online and announce Scott getting moved up on the team. Ditchburn is a character for sure. Loves a good time, love pushing himself in his riding, and loves a good time. Did I say that twice? Well Scott will be joining us on our next Subrosa U.S. trip, and will be staying here to film his section for Get Used To It. Thanks Scott for reppin Subrosa as hard as you do, and can’t wait to hang out again! See ya soon.

•Portrait by Nathan Beddows