ZINE / RIDER UPDATE: Miles Rogoish

BY: Ryan Sher / June 22, 2011
Zine RIDER UPDATE: Miles Rogoish

“Yo whats up dudes!
Just been working back up to full health for the DVD. I went down filming with Tony Ennis for GUTI about a month ago and broke my collar bone in 2 spots an fractured it in a third. I’m back filming with the crew in S.D. now, I had had surgery in Tulsa the previous week. Working on a few dope Subrosa web projects on the side if the DVD you guys should like, keep on the look for that stuff soon. Also I’m designing a Subrosa shirt with my girlfriend Temple right now bcuz I suck at drawing haha. Anyways here’s some quick flicks from phone keeping you guys updated.++”- Miles Rogoish

Check out more photos from Miles below…

^ Juicin’ out.

^ Big ass plate and 8 screws. ++

^ Racks on racks G.U.T.I.

^ Out filming with Hoang and Lahsaan in San Diego.

^ Lahsaan after he fell 12 feet to his knees.