ZINE / Ride BMX photos from the CKI

BY: Ryan Sher / May 14, 2012
Zine Ride BMX photos from the CKI

The Chad Kerley Invitational went down this weekend and Subrosa was in full effect! Subrosa pro riders Hoang Tran, Lahsaan Kobza, and Simone Barraco all got the invite and put in work. Tricks like Hoang’s nose manual to turndown, and Lahsaan’s huge manual to 180 down the stairs, and the above ice to lookback 180! SImone went down in practice and hurt his back, but is good to go, just bruised and beat up. I’m sure we’ll have more footage and coverage to post up on here soon, but for now check out the Ride BMX site for these two photos and the first photos from the comp.