ZINE / Ride a monster truck!

BY: Ryan Sher / August 23, 2013
Zine Ride a monster truck!

Subrosa Brand 24

Too good not to post again! The Subrosa DTT TTwo Four is available now! It’s hard to explain how well this bike handles. It feels like you are riding a lifted 20″. The TTwo Four is easy to hop and even spin, and it flat out hauls ass. It combines the best things about a 20″ and a cruiser, and it’s a blast to ride.
The TTwo Four above is from Two Page Wayne who’s been ripping one since we got the prototype. Check out his full bike check we did HERE. Remember, the DTT TTwo Four is more of a specialty item from Subrosa, so there isn’t very many of these frames available, so if you’re thinking about picking up one of these, do it quickly!