ZINE / RE-UP! Simone’s Noster III edit

BY: Ryan Sher / September 9, 2015
Video RE-UP! Simone’s Noster III edit

So stoked on the news of Simone’s Noster III edit being nominated for a Ride BMX Nora Cup for “Best Web Edit of the Year”!

To me, this is huge nominations for a few reasons. The first being that there are so many good web edits that come out every day, and to be considered in the Top 5 for the whole year is amazing!

Secondly, Simone really thinks about his riding, and his main goal is to just have fun. He is highly influenced by his friends riding styles, but always translates into his own thing.

Lastly, as with all Nora Cup nominations except readers choice, this was voted on by Simone’s peers, and fellow pro riders. So awesome!

Special thanks to Moritz Nussbaumer for handling the filming duties, and also to Bobby Kanode for bringing it all together and helping Simone’s riding shine!