ZINE / RE-UP: Subrosa Game Of Rail

BY: Ryan Sher / December 7, 2017
Events RE-UP: Subrosa Game Of Rail

Earlier this year we got some of the best rail riders in the world and brought a ton of Subrosa Street Rails out to California and held the first official Game Of R.A.I.L. It was such a fun event, and a great way to show how useful and durable the Subrosa Street Rail really is! Looks like we should hold another one this year… Check out the whole series again!

Here’s the highlights from the event. Make sure you check out the links below to check out all the videos from each match up from the game.

Round 1:
Mark Burnett VS Joris Coulomb
Simone Barraco VS Devon Smilie
Mikey Tyra VS Ethan Corriere
Brandon Begin VS Conner Keating

Round 2:
Simone Barraco VS Mark Burnett
Brandon Begin VS Ethan Corriere

Round 3:
Simone Barraco VS Brandon Begin

Mark Burnett VS Ethan Corriere