ZINE / Raph in the U.S.A.

BY: Ryan Sher / August 17, 2012
Zine Raph in the U.S.A.

Australian Subrosa rider Raphael Jeroma- Williams was in the U.S.A. for about a month to chill, vacation, party, and ride. He did a few trips with the guys, hitting up San Fran, San Diego, L.A. and Michigan a long the way. He’s back in the land down under now and sent over a few words and a crap load of photos. Peep game from a rad rider and friend.

“Man what a trip, it all seems like a blur nearly! Too much fun thanks heaps for hooking it all up! Was real sick to hang out with you and all the guys on the team felt like hanging with the crew back home! Want to thank all those guys too, for showing me round to all the spots, bars backyard ramps, DIY spots,  places to crash at, even if i only make it to the hallway haha! Well im back in Aus now and pretty much, the day i landed, went and road this pool that my mates found. This thing was a treat! Here are a few photos i took along the way. Thanks again, talk soon man!” -Raph #eatnroot