ZINE / Raph and Sam in Tasmania!

BY: Ryan Sher / December 13, 2010
Zine Raph and Sam in Tasmania!

“Yo Sher,

I am in Tasmania doing a quick shop run to rev them up before X mas. Raph is starting a new job in the new year and was not up to much so he decided to come along for the ride. Tasmania is that little island right down the bottom of Australia. We got to Tas Saturday night so I have attached some night action shots. We found a half can of Jack in the street so we had a swig each but the cops decided to fine us $130 each for it. I put my arm around the female cop told her a joke and they canceled it and let us finish the can. Hahaha!
Then today (Monday) we hit up Highroller BMX. A dope BMX only shop run by Brad Cross. A real chilled guy who lives above the shop and rides ever day Also hit up Derrico Cycle. I helped him sell a Malum to a kid today the kid was psyched and I am sending him out a free tee. The kid was in his work clothes and was to shy for a photo sorry. We are here for another 3 days and I have more shops to hit.
Peace out”- Sam

Thanks to Sam and Raph for the update. Click below for more photos from Tasmania, and a real live Tasmanian Devil! Hahah