ZINE / Rad like Dad!

BY: Ryan Sher / March 27, 2012
Zine Rad like Dad!

“We are beyond stoked to announce the launch of our site Rad Like Dad. Rad Like Dad is an online store that sells children’s BMX clothing, bikes and accessories. We are proud to offer exclusively licensed BMX clothing that have never been available to infants & toddlers before.” – Rad Like Dad

Subrosa is also stoked to be a part of the project started by Matt and Tessa Bischoff and Nate and Ashlee Wessel. Everyone involved has deep roots in BMX and this is such a cool idea. Hit up their site and check out all the Subrosa designs they got going at the moment. As part of the launch of Rad Like Dad you can enter SUBROSA10 at check out and get a 10% discount!