BY: Ryan Sher / January 23, 2009
Zine Rad BMX

Got some awesome pics from Dave over the pond at Rad BMX, and here’s what he had to say.

“Hey guys
I run a BMX shop in the U.K. and I am an authorized Subrosa Dealer, thought you might be interested in the attached…
The bike is my own 09 Pandora I have just built (replacing my trusty 08 Pandora) and the second is a few riding pics of one of our team riders Billy Purcell (just 16!) who we also put on a Subrosa Pandora, as it’s the only thing that outlasts him!

Hope you like.

Cheers for the awesome product guys – not one warranty return and never a problem with anything from Subrosa or Shadow.

Ride on.”

David Paul

Thanks a lot Dave! Check out more pics after the jump.