ZINE / R.I.P. Rickey Bates and Gary Dimartine

BY: Ryan Sher / September 22, 2011
Skeleton Crew R.I.P. Rickey Bates and Gary Dimartine

What a shitty post to have to make. It’s the kind of event in life that leaves you saying nothing but “what the fuck?” Not more than 3 days after hangin Rickey and Gary they’re just gone. There’s really not much I can come up with in the form of words to explain how it feels. Hanging out with Rickey was never an everyday thing, but it was always a awesome time. Rickey really summed up BMX to me. Everything he did was the way he wanted it. I see that now more than ever. Banned videos filmed on a flip cam and edited in iMovie to Banned products not being able to be sold in stores because of their “message”, small things I just saw as stubborn. Even up to his decision to drive to Vegas instead of flying there. Rickey was just doing it his way. I would love another chance to give him shit for doing something “stubborn” again.

It’s amazing to see, but Rickey did get that message out. I see it online from this awesome world of BMX. Just look up “#banned” on Twitter, or go to any BMX blog. Rickey was never the type to geek out on pros, or people talking about his riding or Banned, but he would be blown away by the thoughts and messages from the BMX community. He secretly liked it the same way we all do.  I know everyone close to Rickey appreciates it as well. I didn’t know Gary as well as Rickey but my thoughts go out to his friends as family. Two good dudes, too damn young.