ZINE / Quaranteam Vol: 3

BY: Ryan Sher / December 31, 2020
Video Quaranteam Vol: 3

To wrap up 2020 here’s the 3rd and final Quaranteam Edit Vol: 3

Closing out 2020 on a good note with our biggest and best Quaranteam edit yet! We originally had the idea for this series as a way to release videos while the team couldn’t travel. We also hoped this wouldn’t be a series, but here we are dropping Vol: 3.

I love this project because it’s something that can include our worldwide crew, and it gives the dudes a chance to all shine together.


Quaranteam Vol: 3 features Subrosa riders
Simone Barraco
Matt Ray
Mark Burnett
Antonio Marotta
Bjarki Hardarson
Daichi Teshigahara
Emile Bouwman
Filip Kosmidis
Francisco Jimenez
Jake Rutkowitz
Janis Bauska
Jiri Blabol
Jose Cedano
Juani Zurita
Kevin Robinson Jr
Lewis Colascione &
Miguel Smajli

Filmed by many
Edited by Ryan Chadwick

Check out Quaranteam Vol: 1 and Vol: 2


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