ZINE / Q&A with Kyle Hart.

BY: Ryan Sher / March 27, 2009
Zine Q&A with Kyle Hart.

I send some questions over to Kyle since he’s got some down time with a broken arm. Kyle has been repping The Skeleton Crew since day one, and has been on a mission lately. He’s also been testing a new Pandora frame. Find out more after the jump.

So first off, tell us what happened?

I was riding the pool at Clairemont and washed out in the deep end and did an ultimate punch straight to the concrete. My hand swelled up like the bone was stickin out so I figured the E.R. was a good choice. 6 hours later I had a gay ass brace and some Vicodin. 4 weeks off!

Did you cry?

Well I thought about it. Then I looked under my dress and saw a penis and figured I’d probably survive haha!

How are you gunna spend your 4 weeks off the steed?

Mostly partying, jacuzzi-ing, kicking the beach in the teeth and getting luscious with my lady.

How do you feel about the frame you’ve been testing?

It kicks ass! It brings the party and has enough venom to kill a horse. FUCKIN BRILLIANT!

You and Hoang just spent a week in Austin, how was that?

Pretty awesome for the most part. All the locals were bad asses and riding T1 and 9th street were childhood dreams! Partying in Austin was fucking ridiculous too. We were sloppy dicks every night, but still pulled through to shred the days we weren’t in the car for 22 hours at a time.

What’s your favorite day of the week?

Monday’s are always Fundays!

Word association- Anal (Kyle just typed that even though I was just stating these weren’t questions)
The Skeleton Crew- Takeover
Party- Now
BMX- Shred
San Diego- Party
Girlfriend- Love her to death!
Tank Tops- Farmer Tan Removal System
Stairs- Street Trails

Last question, kids are asking for a Kyle Hart web video, when will you have one for them?

I started filming for it a couple weeks ago but my hand going down on itself is gonna set me back a bit. As soon as it starts partying again I’ll be back on it. I should be able to finish it in a couple months. With the shit I have planned it’s gonna be worth the wait haha. 69!