ZINE / PRINT AD: Nick Bullen

BY: Ryan Sher / February 5, 2013
Zine PRINT AD: Nick Bullen

Subrosa Brand Nick Bullen *Click to see it large*
We’ve got a whole lot of “New” going on in our latest print ad. First off we featured Nick Bullen who is the newest memeber to the Subrosa Skeleton Crew. He has been on a complete tear lately With new edits for Subrosa HERE and HERE an more recently his latest Albes edit.
Next up for the new new is our Pozi Trac Hubs! Nick and a few select people have been beating the hell out of these hubs and guards to make sure everything works correctly, they roll fast as hell, and can hold up to any abuse you put them too. We are releasing these hubs in March, so you know they passed every test imaginable.
Lastly, you’ll notice a little bit more color in this ad than usual. We are always changing things up at Subrosa and this is a big one. Since day one our photos, videos, ads, website and even our bikes were only black & white. Slowly we have introduced new colors into the mix in different areas with Subrosa. From the start the black & white aspect was to feature our products. Let them speak for themselves. Now we felt the time was right to expand on the use of color through out our brand. You never know maybe it just has something to do with G.U.T.I.