ZINE / Photos from the road.

BY: Ryan Sher / January 24, 2011
Skeleton Crew Photos from the road.

I’m out in San Diego at the moment to hang out with the dudes before we take a little TRIP to END our SEARCH for GET USED TO IT clips before the DEADLINE. Everyone has been goin in on G.U.T.I. and I’m psyched to get most of the gang back together for this one. Here’s a few photos from the San Diego area before we hit the road. The trails session was pretty deece, so thanks to all the local diggers.

•Lahsaan Kobza, chill steez through the line.

•G.U.T.I. game day jerseys for team riders only.

•Patchin’ up Miles’ stead. Prototype pro model Diablous frame.

•Bitchin’ Cranks with a rear veiw of the new Subrosa Devil Disc.

•Greg D’Amico will be holding it down for The Skeleton Crew and BMXFU.

•Josh Hayes is always multi tasking. Here he checks his tire pressure mid run.

•Greg with a Dave Parrick on the 3rd set.