ZINE / Our new Layback Pivotal Post.

BY: Ryan Sher / June 19, 2009
Zine Our new Layback Pivotal Post.

Pivotal seats have no way to move forward or back like a tradition railed seat. They always seem to be a bit far forward on the seat post, cramping the space you have between the bars and seat. This gives you a little more room, as if you had a railed seat slid all the way back.  We offset the Layback post 10 degrees to give a slight difference to were the seat sits on the frame without sacrificing the strength of the post. We also put the bend towards the top of the post so you can still run a low seat. It’s made out of 6061 aluminum, it weighs 3.6oz, and is available in Matte Black, Matte White, and Matte Red.