ZINE / Notes from the Field with Mark Burnett

BY: Ryan Sher / July 2, 2018
Video Notes from the Field with Mark Burnett

SUbrosa pro Mark Burnett is back with another one of his “Field Notes” videos for The Shadow Conspiracy. Check out some highlights, good times, and laughs from his recent trip to Texas.

Mark Burnett continues his travels and this time we are heading to Texas for a leg of the Shadow World Tour. Shadow riders Lahsaan Kobza, Ollie Shields, and Mark himself head to shop stops at Richardson Bike Mart, Empire BMX, and the C.O.T.A. Racing facility for good times along with our friends at QBP. Check out the riding and everything else that happened along the way in this latest “Field Notes.”

Filmed and Edited By: Mark Burnett” – The Shadow Conspiracy