ZINE / New Skeleton Crew rider!

BY: Ryan Sher / July 28, 2010
Skeleton Crew New Skeleton Crew rider!

Subrosa would like to welcome and introduce it’s newest Skeleton Crew rider. Raphael Jerome- Williams from Australia has joined his best mate Mikey Cz on the Skeleton Crew. Hoang and I met Raph on our last trip to Australia, and it was a done deal after that. No homo, but I asked him if he was into riding for us at a gay bar. It’s a long story, but it was the only place still open to drink. I think it’s pretty rad, that after growing up together Mikey and Raph are able to ride for the same team. They are leaving Australia in about a week or so to head over to Europe for a few months. Expect a bunch of update from the 2 on their trip, and a “Welcome” edit from Raph at some point. Welcome Raph, psyched to have you repping Subrosa.