ZINE / The Subrosa Street Rail

BY: Ryan Sher / October 28, 2014
Video The Subrosa Street Rail

We got a crew of our local shredders together for a good session on a couple of the Subrosa Street Rails a few weeks ago and it was awesome time!

After we brought it to the local park, we ran into some bad weather, but that’s one of the things that the Subrosa Street Rail is designed for, so we headed for shelter in a dry parking garage!

You always have somewhere to ride when you own a Subrosa Street Rail!

Thanks to Adam LZ, Matt Perkins, Tyler McNally Lars Tepaske, Kyle Tucker, Jesse Ortega, and Josh Meadows for shreddng for us.

Filmed by Austin Bonner

Edited by Bobby Kanode


“Eye of the Storm”

Click the link for more info on the Subrosa Street Rail