ZINE / Simone Barraco “The 8mm Project”

BY: Ryan Sher / June 6, 2014
Video Simone Barraco “The 8mm Project”

Such an awesome concept! This video was made without and editing or cuts. Most of this was shot in one take! Awesome job Simone and Hadrien!

“Italy’s Simone Barraco and French filmmaker Hadrien Picard joined forces in March to film a very special edit out in Barcelona.

Hadrien had the idea of filming a BMX video on a 40-year-old Super 8 film camera to produce something that feels and looks different to the multitude of clips that are put out today.

Filming on one roll of 8mm film without any editing or cuts meant there was little room to manoeuvre for Simone or Hadrien out on the shoot. The resulting gorgeous edit is well worth their hard work.” – Redbull