ZINE / Nowhere To Go with Joris Coulomb

BY: Ryan Sher / April 3, 2015
Video Nowhere To Go with Joris Coulomb

Check out this awesome edit from Subrosa pro rider Joris Coulomb and good friend Anthony Perrin for TCU.

“Anthony Perrin and Joris Coulomb are two dudes who have really been killing it in the past year, so when Frenchie sent me this mixtape that the two of them put together on their travels throughout Europe, I got excited and was not let down. Their homies Max Terasson and Theo Zannettacci have plenty of clips in here as well. Thanks to these guys for hooking up the premiere!

Anthony Perrin and Joris Coulomb filmed a bunch of clips with their VX during various trips around the South East part of France and Barcelona.
Riders: Anthony Perrin, Joris Coulomb, Max Terasson and Theo Zannettacci.

Filmed/Edited by Anthony Perrin and Joris Coulomb”– TCU