ZINE / Lahsaan Kobza for The Union

BY: Ryan Sher / October 31, 2014
Video Lahsaan Kobza for The Union

Check out this little backyard ramp edit from Subrosa pro rider Lahsaan Kobza and his bro Tammy McCarley for The Union.

“Lahsaan Kobza and Tammy McCarley have been spending quite a bit of time at their friend JR’s backyard ramp setup lately. It’s pretty obvious as to why, because, let’s be real I think we all want that backyard. The two have been busy stacking clips for a while and we’re stoked to premiere this new edit filled with some amazing riding along with a brand new song from Mouse Powell for you to hear! Check it!

Filmed by Tammy McCarley and Lahsaan Kobza
Edited by Tammy McCarley

Song: Mouse Powell – Love Is