ZINE / NEW EDIT: 2014 Salvador

BY: Ryan Sher / July 12, 2013
Zine NEW EDIT: 2014 Salvador

Subrosa Brand Salvador

The Salvador is always one of my favorite bikes in the Subrosa line. To me it represents a rider that has decided to commit to BMX. It’s a bike that is above the entry level complete bikes with out the price tag of a high end complete. Here’s a closer look at some of the upgrades to Salvador for 2014 and a video showing the spec, colorways, and the types of riding the Salvador if built for.

Subrosa Brand Salvador Chromoloy
1. The 2014 Subrosa Salvador now has a Chromoly top tube, down tube, and wishbone!

Subrosa Brand Salvador Front Hub
2. All new bolt-type front hub (female axle). This gives the bike such a clean, pro look. It also functions incredibly well. Say good bye to bent axles…

Subrosa Brand Rose Shield Seat
3. Subrosa upgraded the seat to the fatter mid size seat with an all new custom Subrosa logo. Again, this adds to the Salvador’s pro look.

Subrosa Brand Gussets
4. Finally, Subrosa added an all new top tube and down tube gusset with custom Subrosa stamped logo for increased strength and detail.