ZINE / Mo Nussbaumer X Suzuki X Woozy BMX

BY: Ryan Sher / September 18, 2019
Video Mo Nussbaumer X Suzuki X Woozy BMX

Subrosa rider Mo Nussbaumer recently hit the road with Suzuki, Woozy BMX, and some rad riders and they put together an edit from the trip. Check it out!

“BMX Street Roadtrip (ad/collab): Suzuki X Street X Transitions / woozyBMX Germany / Netherlands Edit 2019 — Featuring Dima Prykhodko, Sergio Layos, Fernando Laczko & Moritz Nussbaumer! Enjoy! leave a like , comment & subcribe if you want to support us. thanks!! #bmx #woozybmx #suzuki

We went to Cologne, Venlo, Duesseldorf and Bonn for a few days with the Suzuki Ignis! Thanks for the support! It was a blast. More soon!”Woozy BMX