ZINE / Mike Daily interview by Roy Christopher

BY: Ryan Sher / March 27, 2013
Zine Mike Daily interview by Roy Christopher

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Here’s a pretty rad, in depth interview with Aggro Rag’s Mike Daily by Roy Christopher. Another great history lesson for todays riders. In today’s BMX news media blitz, it’s still crazy to imagine waiting for you zine to come in the mail to find out what new tricks another rider invented or pulled at a contest. It’s so cool to me that we got to collaborate with one of the people who were directly responsible for the growth of BMX. A huge thanks to Mike Daily for teaming up with us, and for the copy of the book. Pick your up today! The frames have sold out, but you can still grab a limited edition shirt! Above photo by Jared Souney. Below photo by Chip Riggs.
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