ZINE / Meet the Street Digger tire.

BY: Ryan Sher / June 22, 2012
Zine Meet the Street Digger tire.

Subrosa Brand Street Digger Tire

Due to the popular demand of our Grave Digger tire, and the fact we wanted to make a street version of it I introduce to you the Subrosa Street Digger tire! These bad boys are smooth as glass and grippy as hell! They’re the perfect compliment to the Grave Digger tire and have a matching tread pattern. We tightened up the spaces in the tread, and shortened all the knobs to make this great feeling long lasting tire. We also lengthened the knobs on the side to give you a bit more sidewall protection.  Don’t worry they are really wide like our Grave Digger tires, but will fit nicely in the rear of any Subrosa frame, and most other frames. Here’s a few spec’s, and photos. These will be available worldwide this fall.

Street Digger info-

Size- Wide 20 x 2.25

Inflates to 110 psi

Available in Black, Gum Wall

Weight- 20.8 oz