ZINE / Matt Ray Subrosa Street Rail Vlog

BY: Ryan Sher / June 18, 2019
Video Matt Ray Subrosa Street Rail Vlog

Subrosa pro Matt Ray is back o his Youtube Channel and dropping some new videos for you guys! The first one features a connected Subrosa Street Rail set up! Check it…

“Brought my two Subrosa Street Rails over to Matty’s for a session one afternoon. Sessioned them for a while , got whole foods , rode some more , kicked it with his dogs. Overall it was a good day.
These rails are perfect for learning new tricks or even just staying dialed with tricks you’ve already got. Cant thank Subrosa enough for hooking me up with these.
If you’d like more info on the rail, heres the link.

Thanks for watching! Ill be uploading weekly form now on. – Matt Ray