ZINE / Malum Hoodie Grab Bag!

BY: Ryan Sher / January 18, 2013
Zine Malum Hoodie Grab Bag!

Subrosa Brand Malum Hoodie

It’s grab bag time again! This time we’re hooking you up with a great deal on some winter gear from Subrosa! Like the flyer says, here’s what you get…

1 Subrosa Malum Zip Up Hoodie (Grey or Black)
1 Subrosa Forever Beanie
1 Pair of Subrosa Asorbus Shades
1 Subrosa Shopping Bag

To buy this all separately would cost over $70.00, and you get it all for only $59.99 plus shipping! Act fast, because this deal won’t last long. Hit The Corner Store up now!