ZINE / Malum Fixed Gear:Preview

BY: Ryan Sher / April 2, 2009
Zine Malum Fixed Gear:Preview

Not only is everyone at Subrosa beyond stoked on this, but shops and riders everywhere are too. The pre-books have been insane! We’re happy to introduce a new style of bike to our line, even if there is some mixed feelings about it. I don’t view it any different than a BMX bike. If you want a fixed gear to cruise to bars, and blast around town, like I do, This is gunna be a badass complete fixed gear for you. If you want it for barspins, and wall rides, it’s built with the same materials and details as all our bikes, so no worries there. It’s a bike, and once it’s yours, ride it like it’s yours. Just remember there might be a better tool for the job, like a BMX bike. More sneak peak photos after the jump.