ZINE / Malum Fixed build ups.

BY: Ryan Sher / November 11, 2009
Zine Malum Fixed build ups.


Check out a bunch of custom Malum Fixed build ups. Click below.Fixed_Chip2

The two photos above are of @gen3chip‘s Malum Fixed with our new fork on it. Chip’s very picky about what he likes and doesn’t like, so I’m psyched he picked our bike to ride around too. He’s also got a DTT for flatland. Chip rules.


This is Super Dave Erecitano’s Malum. He switched over to this bike late last week, and ended up racing it on Sunday super hungover and all. He took a digger like a champ, and still managed to cruise around after to find everyone. Dave’s in full race mode with the anti-barspin drop bars. So sick.


This is a random one that got emailed to me.  You can check out more pics of this one on Velo Space. Keep em coming, send your Subrosa photo’s to info@subrosabrand.com